Frequently asked questions


You can come and go whenever you want, you’ll be assigned your access code to the student housing and keys to access your studio.

Everything is so close that you can walk everywhere. However, at Pura Vida student housing we promote a healthy lifestyle, so we encourage you to use your bike, especially for exploring the area. If you own a bike, you can park it in a slot provided for that purpose in the student housing, and if not we encourage you to use the bike rental service of Alfara del Patriarca, it’s ideal for your weekend trips.

You can bring guests to the residence without any problem. Whether your family is coming to visit, you need to do some teamwork or you want to spend a nice time with your friends. You must stay in the common areas and always respect the rules to ensure that we maintain a respectful atmosphere. Some areas require a prior reservation or have limited capacity.

You can enjoy the facilities with friends and family, but unfortunately they can’t stay overnight since your room is for your exclusive use. Find out more in the Community Handbook.

Yes, you can. We’ll only ask you to let us know in advance so we know you are ok.

Pets are not allowed in the housing to ensure a comfortable environment for all students.

Smoking is not allowed in the entire residence. Our aim is to offer a truly comfortable, respectful, and healthy environment. That’s why we promote a healthy lifestyle for all students in the whole accommodation.

We’re available 24/7, so if something isn’t working let us know and we’ll solve it as soon as possible. You can always contact us through the email and telephone number that you’ll receive upon arrival.

Of course, you can! During working hours they can be left at the reception and we’ll ensure that you receive them whenever you are available.

The housing has central air conditioning, however, it can be turned off or regulated individually in each studio within a predetermined temperature range.

In months when the outside temperature is pleasant, the air conditioning or heating may be turned off, taking into account energy saving measures and consumption.

You’ll have several channels depending on the type of help you need. From email to WhatsApp message, in case you need to notify an incident, and a phone number if you require telephone attention. During working hours you’ll find the team at reception to assist you in person.

This is a full-fledged co-living for students. A co-living in which we guarantee Healthy living and Great Studying. A smooth coexistence is one of our priorities since we’re convinced that it’s a key element in your academic success and the basis of an unforgettable college experience.

For this reason, we’ve written a Community Handbook which details everything to ensure that together we create a pleasant and welcoming environment. We organize activities and initiatives to foster enduring bonds and to promote responsibility and respect for everyone and to foster enduring bonds.

The activities are varied and, in fact, your input is what determines what kind of activities are carried out. We organize cooking workshops, talks, international-themed weeks, exhibitions on healthy food, and meetings to get to know each other better, among other activities.

In September we organize the “Welcoming Party” and then we organize one activity per month, which we adjust according to requests and needs.


Your studio has everything you need to be totally self-sufficient. It includes a 1.35-meter trundle bed, a two-door wardrobe, a desk, a private bathroom with a shower, and a kitchen equipped with a refrigerator, a microwave, an induction hob, an extractor fan, and all the necessary utensils (plates, glasses, cutlery, pots, and pans). In addition, 26 of the 32 studios have a balcony.

The monthly fare includes a set of sheets and towels with weekly replacement, weekly cleaning, adjustable air conditioning, electricity, water, and Wi-Fi.

For more details on each studio, see their descriptions here.

Yes. In order to ensure the necessary rest for all students, the common areas have schedules. Check out the Community Handbook for more details.

The coworking area at Pura Vida Student Housing will be very useful for studying, preparing your assignments, and other activities. Here you’ll have all you need to work individually but at the same time accompanied in a very pleasant atmosphere.

To be able to take calls or chat with a colleague whilst respecting the silence of the coworking, you have a terrace right next to it. You can also grab a quick bite there.

There’s also a private room that you can reserve to do group work or meet with colleagues. You have an area for every moment!

Yes, of course, you can. The dining room and its chill-out area are for you to enjoy alone or with your peers, so regardless of whether you hire the meal service, which we recommend for its variety, healthiness, and deliciousness, or not, you can always enjoy the area.

One of the floors of the residence has different spaces for you to relax and enjoy . The dining area with its chill-out area is ideal for enjoying meals, resting, and meeting with your peers. The outdoor terrace is one of the best spaces to take advantage of the sun and the views of the area, the best way to recharge your batteries! And, on this same terrace, you have a covered area with a bar and a barbecue to organize meetings and share moments all together. There is also an exercise area to keep you fit!

Here you can see each area in more detail.


The price of the studio includes:

  • VAT (10%).
  • Private studio with kitchen, bathroom, desk, and bed.
  • Utilities: water, electricity, and internet.
  • Air conditioning.
  • Continuous cleaning of common areas.
  • Weekly cleaning of your room.
  • Weekly change of towels and sheets.
  • Use of all common areas.

Everything you need to be self-sufficient. More than the CEU Cardenal Herrera residence hall, Pura Vida is your second home, you won’t have to worry about anything!

The price does not include the services that can be booked separately:

  • The food service (Half Board Meals and Weekend Meals).
  • The self-service laundry or full-service laundry.
  • The photocopier and printer service.
  • Car and motorcycle parking.
  • Insurance.
  • Special activities with extra cost.

Each week a professional cleaning team will clean your studio, including changing your sheets and towels. It’s important that you keep your studio tidy so the cleaning is effective. Check out the Community Handbook for more details.

You can hire any of these services as you prefer. You don’t need to decide upon your arrival, you can hire or cancel them every month as you need. Just make sure that you let us know in advance.

  • Half-board meal service.
  • Full laundry service (washing, drying, and ironing).
  • Accompanying services such as insurance, tutoring, or administrative tasks, among others.
  • The photocopier and printer service.

For more details on each service, click here.

You’ll enjoy the homemade Mediterranean and international cuisine with a careful presentation and innovative recipes. We always include local and seasonal products, mostly grown in the Valencian orchard. Mealtimes are the perfect opportunity to get to know the other residents.

The service is contracted on a monthly half-board basis.

In case a more extensive meal service is needed, we’ll look into it on a case-by-case basis.

Schedules are flexible.

The dish is complete and considers the necessary balance to cover a balanced and healthy diet.

Allergies and intolerances, if any, are taken into account.

The laundry is available for self-service with a minimum cost per wash and dry to ensure the good use of the facilities. Just make your reservation and you are ready to go.

You can also hire the service of washing, drying and ironing of all your clothes once a week.

The common areas are cleaned daily by the cleaning team of Pura Vida Student Housing. In each studio, weekly cleaning is carried out, including a change of sheets and towels. It’s important that you keep your studio tidy so the cleaning is effective. Check out the Community Handbook for more details.

Everything is included in the monthly fee so you don’t have to worry about consumption, although we will encourage energy-saving to take care of the environment.

Pura Vida has high-speed WI-FI with a combined wired and wireless system throughout the premises. We know how important it is, so we’ve made sure it has a good range in your studio as well as on the terrace and in the dining room.

Yes, we can help help you with your private health insurance for the processing of your student visa. We’ll accompany you personally during the whole validity of the policy. To know more contact Claudia Alvarez by phone (+34 695-50.65.60), email (calvarez@agentesalud.caser.es), or through social media (@caser_claudia).


In addition to coded entrances and key access to the rooms, the residence has security cameras at strategic points in the shared areas.

The only way to access the residence is by using a code.

You’ll be able to access your studio with a key that we’ll give you on arrival. It’s very important that you notify us as soon as possible in case you lose it, and, if so, you’ll have to pay for the replacement. Check out the Community Handbook for more details.

Access to the residence is by code, so you can enter whenever you want, you set your own schedule!


To protect the students and the Pura Vida team, we follow a protocol according to the security measures established by the Valencian authorities. You don’t have to worry about anything. In the Pura Vida Covid Protocol, you can check each and every one of the procedures that we have in place. We update the protocol regularly to ensure everyone’s safety. Whenever this happens, you’ll be notified.

Broadly speaking, these are the measures that you’ll find in the residence:

  • We’ve put up all the necessary signs in the common areas to guarantee:
    • The use of the mask.
    • Frequent hand washing.
    • A 2 meters distance between people.
  • We have hydroalcoholic gel dispensers in the common areas.
  • The capacity of the common areas has been reduced according to current regulations.
  • We follow the health authorities’ procedures for positive cases and potential exposures.

For all situations related to testing positive on Covid, we’ll act according to current protocols, taking care of your safety and others (residents and staff). We collaborate with you closely to support you in whatever you may need.


You can arrange your university apartment by making your reservation request directly on the Reservations page .

If you have any questions, contact us through the Contact Form or call us at +34 695.200.768. We are looking forward to meeting you!

These are the steps to follow in the Reservation Process:

  1. Contact : You contact us through the Reservation Form .
  2. Questions answered : We contact you so we can get to know each other and solve any doubts
  3. Interview and visit : We organize an interview with you and your parents or guardians and a face-to-face or virtual visit through the residence. This is the time to continue answering your questions, getting to further know each other, and exploring the facilities.
  4. Confirmation : Once you make your decision, we formalize the process with the initial payment, and, finally, you get to choose your studio!

Once we finish the Reservation Process, your studio will be booked. After this, at least one month prior to your arrival at Pura Vida Student Housing, we’ll send you all the documentation with the Contract and the Attachments to read and sign.

You can consult the cancellation policies in detail in the Reservation and Contract documents, which we will deliver to you during the Reservation Process. In any case, we always look into each case and the circumstances, trying to come up with a solution for all parties.

There is no deadline for you to make the reservation. Of course, the sooner the better, so you can choose the studio you like the most. Remember that we only have 32 studios and these are assigned by reservation order.

The only exception is the studios that offer facilities for people with physical disabilities, these will be held for those who may need them.

To create a welcoming and familiar environment, the contract is from September to July (11 months), the duration of the academic period. The contract is automatically renewed for the following year unless you notify us in advance that you’re no longer going to continue in the accommodation.

If you want, you can be part of Pura Vida for a shorter period. Contact us and we’ll look into it .

Yes, and we encourage you to do so. There are many areas to explore, and summer is ideal for it. Let us know if you are interested so you can start making plans!

We recommend using direct debit whenever possible as it’s the most effective way, and you don’t need to be aware of the monthly charges. However, you can also make the payment by bank transfer.

We assign studios by reservation order following individual preferences and availability, except for the 2 studios located on the ground floor that are adapted for people with physical disabilities. These studios will be assigned at the end of the booking period if they have not been reserved before by people who need them.

There are no age limitations. However, you must be a student to live in Pura Vida.


You can arrive whenever you prefer. Arrivals normally take place the first week of September, coinciding with the start of the academic year. However, you can specify a different date during the Reservation and Contract Process and up to two weeks before your entrance.

You just have to let us know of the exact date or any changes at least 2 weeks in advance.

Your first day and installation is a breeze. Your studio will be ready to welcome you, so you just need to bring your personal objects and a lot of enthusiasm.

We’ll receive you and show you your studio. Once you’ve settled in, we’ll give you a tour of the residence with all the necessary information about how everything works. A few days after the academic year begins, we’ll hold the Welcome Event where you’ll have the opportunity to meet the staff and your colleagues. We’ll always be available to answer any question.

We can also help you manage whatever you need in order to make your university experience memorable from the very first moment.

Only your identity document. During the Reservation and Contract Process, we’ll have collected all the necessary information, so your official ID will be enough.

Do you have any other questions?