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We have a special way of understanding the university experience, discover it!

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Healthy Living & Great Studying:
The lifestyle you see and feel.

Pura Vida is a way of living. It’s a focused life without futile worries. A life of valuing the little things and striving for excellence. A life of living in a healthy way, trusting that everything will be OK.

The doors are open at Pura Vida, the student housing next to CEU Cardenal Herrera. A place where you can create memorable memories, make friends who end up becoming family, and make the most of your studies to become the professional you're dreaming of.

This could be a typical day in your time at the student apartments.


You wake up in your university apartment next to CEU Cardenal Herrera. After washing up in your private bathroom, you drink your coffee from your balcony breathing in the fresh air while you go over your exam notes. You’ve breakfast in the dining room with your mates and head off towards the University, you’re there in 5 minutes! How good it feels to have how good it feels to sleep all you need…


When you come back after class, you unwind for a while on the terrace before spending a few hours studying in the coworking space. Yesterday you decided to have dinner in your studio watching an episode of Netflix, so today you choose to have dinner in the dining room to meet the rest of the students. What will they surprise you with on the menu today?


Later you meet up with David, your new friend, to discuss the weekend’s plans. You’ll have an event on the terrace and a visit to Valencia, great for meeting new people!

You smile with satisfaction. You feel the warmth of the place and the bonds you are creating. You feel at home.

Pura Vida Student Co-living

Welcome to Healthy Living & Great Studying, the student apartments next to CEU Cardenal Herrera.

A place to focus on your studies, bond, and enjoy your new life.

01. Comfort

Your well-being is the most important thing.

Each space is thought out carefully to create an orderly and welcoming atmosphere that supports study, community building, and the enjoyment of the university experience.

Whether you feel like staying in your studio or sharing moments with others, you’ll find fully-equipped spaces with quality facilities and all the comforts you need.

02. Location

Nature and city at your fingertips.

Pura Vida are university apartments next to CEU Cardenal Herrera. Located in Alfara del Patriarca, a safe and quiet town, it’s surrounded by extensive green areas, an exceptional climate, and beautiful views of Sierra Calderona.

The university, the supermarkets, and the metro station are within a 5 minutes walk. And in 30 minutes by bike, you reach the beach!

You can also get to the center of Valencia to enjoy the city’s university life in less than 20 minutes by metro.

03. Support

Proximity and willingness to serve.

Supporting you means answering your questions and dealing with any incident as soon as possible. We listen to you and help you with whatever you need to make your university experience truly memorable.

That’s why there will always be someone to give you answers, and solve your doubts and incidents. You’ll be able to contact us in person and by call or message 24/7.

We’ll be at your side at all times.

04. Safety

It will feel like your (first) home.

Being student apartments in Alfara del Patriarca means that it’s in a safe and quiet town characterized by its natural environment and sense of community.

But even though it’s a safe area, the student residence has video surveillance cameras at the entrances as well as individually coded access to the residence and keyed access to the apartments.

05. Community

Meet people and make new friends.

We organize activities and events to break the ice and strengthen bonds throughout the academic year. The spaces are designed to share moments and create memories, and the activities we organize reinforce coexistence, the discovery of the environment, and the values of healthy living.

You’ll be able to get as involved as you want through focus groups and meetings to gather improvements and share experiences to make Pura Vida a student house for each resident.

You’ll make friendships that will last a lifetime.

06. Healthy living

A sound mind in a sound body (and vice versa).

We’re convinced that healthy habits and emotional well-being are key to good academic results and the enjoyment of the experience.

That is why we support healthy living. We prepare varied menus with fresh and local food. We encourage proper rest to be at 100%. And we organize activities such as cooking workshops, daily trips to get to know the environment, or weekly markets of local produce.

Pura Vida means health, inside and out.

Welcome to Healthy Living & Great Studying, the student apartments next to CEU Cardenal Herrera.

A place to focus on your studies, bond, and enjoy your new life.

University apartment services: A solution for each of your needs

At Pura Vida university apartments, we want you to worry only about two things: focusing on your studies and enjoying the experience.

That’s why, as well as including all the essential expenses such as utilities, cleaning, sheets and towels, and high-speed internet, we offer you:

Half-board meals:

A moment to enjoy, to share and to bond in slow mode. We use fresh local products to delight you with a varied, healthy and homemade menu adapted to your needs.

We have spaces prepared to attend the service and enjoy the moment.

You’ll savor Mediterranean and international cuisine with a careful presentation and innovative recipes. Share these moments in the dining room or the terrace, or order your food to take away.

Make yourself at home and turn every meal into a great moment!

Healthy menu Pura Vida student residence

Self-service laundry:

Use the washers and dryers as often as you like at a minimal cost per use or choose a full laundry service (washing, drying and ironing).

Other services:

We want you to enjoy your new life, so we are here to help you manage anything you need. Supporting you in your adaptation, helping you manage transfers to and from the airport or assisting you with bureaucratic issues. We’re here to make your experience a memorable one!

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