Co-living for students in Valencia

We want to create the best second home in the world: yours.

College in Moncada

Everything is thought for you to enjoy and thrive.

This is a co-living for students in Valencia (only 19 minutes away from the city center by metro) created under a strong conviction: A welcoming atmosphere, order, and a healthy lifestyle will support you so you can enjoy and thrive during your time at university .

To prepare you for your future and to make the most of this opportunity, Pura Vida is more than a student residence, it’s a co-living for students that’ll become your home .

Sustainability at Pura Vida


For the environment and for you. We take care of our surroundings and encourage a healthy lifestyle.

Order and cleanliness in Pura Vida


To gain focus and well-being as a student. We offer comfort and functionality in all our facilities.

Relaxing moment in student co-living Valencia


To create a pleasant study environment. We pay attention to every detail to support your studying.

New student residence


To build a home together. We´re approachable and listen to the ideas and needs of each student.

Student housing in Alfara del Patriarca


For a healthy coexistence and academic success. We promote the autonomy and independence of students.

Cultural atmosphere in Valencia


For always striving for the best with enthusiasm. We seek excellence and provide a stimulating environment.

Founders Pura Vida Co-living student residence in Alfara del Patriarca

We’re Fanny and Michel. Michael and Fanny.

Those in charge of ensuring that Pura Vida, the co-living residence for students in Valencia, is much more than a place to eat, study and sleep.

We aspire to create the perfect formula to support you in the study and enjoyment of this wonderful experience.

We’ve always been aware of how important studying is.

Both for us, when we prepared as engineers, and for our children, who are already living their university experience. It’s unbelievable how fast they’ve grown!

When we arrived in Valencia, our life as a family changed completely. We learned what it takes to adapt to a new environment and, at the same time, excel in your studies .

Now the three of them are living their university years with passion and enthusiasm, one of them far from home. And whenever they ask us the secret for them to be so hard-working, we say that it’s partly luck, but an organized life, a familiar environment, and a clear focus definitely help.

Study environment in university co-living

We know what it means to study abroad.

Pura Vida student residence in Valencia

Finding student accommodation and taking care of the logistics, staying focused when everything is new, and, of course, making new friends. We understand the challenge and how gratifying the experience is. And this is why we want to create the right space for each student. We want to be available at all times and also encourage freedom and independence.

For us, founding Pura Vida student residence, the co-living for students in Valencia, means an opportunity to help each student in this important stage of life .

At Pura Vida, the co-living for students, you’ll be surrounded by people from all over the world who are living the same experience as you. You’ll share knowledge, experience, and culture. You’ll be part of a community.

We're excited about welcoming you.

If you are looking for a co-living residence for students in Valencia, this can be your second home.